The quick and simple access to cash, and flexible payback, is what makes this strategy a powerful tool.

∙You have access to your cash at any time.
∙You don’t have to answer any questions or jump through any hoops.
∙You pay no loan origination fees.
∙You can repay the loan on your own terms.
∙You can recapture the interest cost in the growth of your cash value.
∙Once your policy is in force, you can fund your next real estate deal within a   matter of days.
Leveraging Bank On Yourself®
Start leveraging Bank On Yourself® type Whole Life Insurance policies.
The easy access to cash and flexible payback with this solution allows you to fund your deals in days while creating multiple assets.  
Looking for a FAST way to fund your real estate deals?
Become Your Own Source of Financing
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Please allow me to 
introduce you to 
Mark Willis, CFP®
 Mark Willis, is a 
Bank On Yourself® 
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3520 S. Morgan, Chicago, IL 60609 · 1.800.962.9141
Step 1: 
Schedule a call with Mark.

Find out if the Bank On Yourself® type Whole 
Life Policy is right 
for you.
Step 2: 
Begin using your policy's cash value to create income-producing assets.

Pay back the loan on your own terms.
Step 3: 
Enjoy the uninterrupted
compounding growth inside your policy!  
Support a passive income-generating asset, in addition to the benefit of the whole life policy.  
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